Learn To Trade Binary Options – Free Trading Lesson 1

Watch this video below and learn to trade binary options or Forex, even if you are a complete newbie! Remember to always start inside a demo account, you can choose any broker in the top menu to get one!

Make sure to follow my step by step trading guide to learn how to start trading without losing all your money right in the beginning! Follow this blog for more information in the near future!

Learn to Trade Binary Options – Step by Step

Follow these simple steps to learn to trade binary options with the lowest risk possible! keep in mind that there is always risk involved in trading!

Get a free Demo Account

First you need a free demo account to get started with binary trading! make sure to choose a broker matching your needs, you can choose one from the brokers recommended here on the site! I prefer Pocket Option as they accept traders from almost all of the world!

Learn to use the broker platform!

After you signed up, make sure to browse around and check out their trading platform! You can play around and start placing a few trades to see how it is working! Add some indicators to the charts and watch the tutorials if needed!

Get my Price Action Strategy for Binary Options!

Now you need a working strategy to trade successfully. Make sure to get my free binary Options Strategy PDF by joining my Group on Telegram or send me a message on Facebook by clicking here! make sure to read the pdf completely and follow the instructions inside! Start trading the strategy inside the demo account!

Start with Real Money as soon as….

As soon as you did 100 trades over 1-2 weeks with an overall profit, you can start with small real money trades using the same strategy! Make sure to be careful and set yourself some kind of limit when to stop trading for a day!

Don´t stop to learn about trading…

Make sure to keep on learning about trading and the different tools you can use to make a trading decision! Get more information about the following topics first: technical indicator and how they work, price action like Trend lines and candlesticks, the Elliott Wave theory, volume divergence!

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